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Our concierge service is designed to give you all the benefits of short-term leasing without the day-to-day operational hassles. We maximize your revenue and take care of the entire short-term rental process. We manage for you the optimization of your property on booking platforms, the management of the customer experience, the cleaning between stays and everything else.

We are Beemyguest.
We help you achieve more freedom.

Personalized concierge service

A team of passionate people

Secured rentals

Our quality charter

Guest support 7 days a week

Maximized revenues


Hosting offers endless opportunities.

Your home is more than just 4 walls. It is a source of real opportunities.
By becoming a host at Beemyguest, your home can offer you the chance to realize your dreams. We help you turn your home into a source of travel, hobbies, free time with your family, etc.

But successful hosting is a real job.

Avoiding the pitfalls of regularly hosting travelers.
Anyone who has ever rented out their home knows that hosting travelers creates a considerable amount of stress. With all the tasks involved: 24/7 messaging, cleaning, laundry, maintenance, pricing, check-in/check-out, dispute management, you’ve just created a new job for yourself…

Beemyguest, a professional concierge service created to make your life easier.

Our team includes experienced professionals with a wide range of skills and expertise. Our experience allows us to take optimal care of your accommodation. We manage for you, the advertisement publication, the communication, the cleaning, the maintenance and the personalized reception of the travelers. We set up an intelligent pricing system to maximize occupancy.

Together we create a successful relationship.

Based on the philosophy of efficient and harmonious collaboration, our team will be dedicated to optimizing your property management.
We manage for you. Enjoy more time, money and freedom.

Become part of our Host Community.
We open up a world of opportunities for you.

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