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Meet your new partner. We'll take care of everything.
Communication, cleaning, maintenance of your home.
Everything is under control.

Why Bee my guest is your new favorite short term rental management agency?

Higher incomes

Thanks to optimized processes, you get up to 60% more income than a traditional agency.

Delegate the entire rental management of your property to a passionate, rigorous and creative team.

More free time

Managing short-term rentals is a full-time job. There are many tasks to manage: cleaning, communication, maintenance, pricing, reception…

We take care of everything for you. Spend more time on what really matters to you.

More control

Want to enjoy your accommodation for a vacation? Use your accommodation whenever you want.

Thanks to a monthly report, you keep the control on the reservations. Our team of passionate professionals takes care of everything else.

We manage for you.

Here's what our guests think of us.

Want to increase your income while fully satisfying your guests?

The beemyguest team

Meet your new partner. We take care of everything.
Communication, cleaning, maintenance of your home. Everything is under control.

Customer service 7 days a week

We offer your guests multilingual assistance 7 days a week.

We answer all their requests and make all the necessary recommendations to help them make the most of their stay.

A responsive and professional team to ensure that all your guests are satisfied.

A market expertise

Entrust your property to an expert in the rental market.

Our in-depth expertise in booking platforms and rental management will help you optimize your income. A complete process to optimize your reservations and rental income.

Advertising, photos, intelligent pricing, communication, guest management, make the most of your property at 100%.

Professional cleaning and maintenance

A team dedicated to the cleaning of your home so that your guests enjoy a 5-star experience.

Cleaning, linen management, replenishment of essentials and checking that your accommodation is in good working order, everything is under control.

Should a problem arise? Our maintenance team will find a solution in no time.

You can relax and enjoy what is most important to you.

Exclusive partnerships
with local market specialists

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